Processing Rabbits and Chickens

This last weekend we processed 5 rabbits, and 5 chickens.  The rabbits were perfect size!…the Chickens need another week.  We will be processing the rest of the chickens next weekend.  We are excited to let you all know we just purchased 100 more chickens to raise and process! YAY!

If anyone that lives near us is interested in buying some live chickens we would be willing to teach you how to process them 🙂

Also I will update this post with some pictures (don’t worry it will be before we started so no gory details :)…)

We are getting better at processing our chickens and rabbits.  Its not taking me an hour anymore to do a chicken or a rabbit.  I can do them both now in under 5 minutes….YAY!


3 thoughts on “Processing Rabbits and Chickens

  1. I’m getting good at processing rabbits as well. I save the hides though, so skinning takes a while. Rabbits are ridiculously easy compared to turkies. Goodness, those things are heavy!


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