As of today we are officially on YouTube!….

Check out our newest video of us receiving our Jumbo Cornish Cross meat birds in the mail!


Chicken coop

IIt’s all finished! Yay! And we have our 100 meat birds coming tomorrow! Yay!

And stay tuned I’ll be doing some YouTube videos as we raise this batch of 100 birds! So I’ll be linking my to our new vlog!

New chicken coop

A few months ago we added a second rabbit colony.  Now today we’re adding walls to connect to the rabbit shed to add a chicken coop.  This coop will be for our egg layers.  Then the 100 meat birds that come next week.  will go in where the layers are now.

Processing Rabbits and Chickens

This last weekend we processed 5 rabbits, and 5 chickens.  The rabbits were perfect size!…the Chickens need another week.  We will be processing the rest of the chickens next weekend.  We are excited to let you all know we just purchased 100 more chickens to raise and process! YAY!

If anyone that lives near us is interested in buying some live chickens we would be willing to teach you how to process them 🙂

Also I will update this post with some pictures (don’t worry it will be before we started so no gory details :)…)

We are getting better at processing our chickens and rabbits.  Its not taking me an hour anymore to do a chicken or a rabbit.  I can do them both now in under 5 minutes….YAY!

Produce is coming. And more about our garden beds.


IMG_3253The produce in our yard is starting to pop up.  Having lettuce is one of my all time favorites to have in the garden.  Being able to go outside everyday and cut off some fresh lettuce to make a delicious salad is truly the best.

We built these garden beds last year.  I have truly love them.  I love the looks of them, and also love how tall they are and how easy they are to weed.

when we filled them we added wood on the bottoms, and then dirt on top.  Last fall we added leaves and rabbit poop to help with fertilizing the ground.

We plan to keep adding more layers of leaves and rabbit poop each fall.

Its been great to have our rabbits to help with naturally fetalizing the garden.