So we have a duck that has been sitting on a nest. One egg had rolled out of the nest a few weeks ago. Well Friday a duckling hatched out of that egg that had not been in the nest for over two weeks. IMG_3276I put the little guy up by the Moma duck and she started protecting the little guy. IMG_3272IMG_3274Hopefully the other eggs will hatch soon.


Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

This gal went broody and hatched a few chicks. this a good win for us. We tried two batches of 42 eggs in our incubator and only had two chicks hatch. This hen has 3 so far.


These are our broilers for canning and selling. There are 50 in this batch, we are working on building 2 chicken tractors and moving them around the pasture. The next batch will be 100 chickens.