Eggs, Eggs, Eggs Galore

We have hens laying like crazy at our ranch.  We average 2 dozen eggs a day.  We have been gathering them as fast as we can so we could put 4 dozen into an incubator to incubate eggs to hatch.

We will begin selling our eggs.  We are looking for constant customers that we can sell to  on a weekly basis.  Right now we are selling them $3/Doz.  But, if they commit to a certain amount each week we will work out a new price.  We will see how things go!

We are also collecting eggs to sell that are ready for an incubator.  We are going to sell those ones for $4/Doz.

The chicks that hatch will be around $3 each.


Also, I should mention that we have been putting wood chips into the laying boxes so that we don’t have to rinse the eggs off.  By keeping woodchips in the boxes it helps to keep the eggs clean and not need to be washed.  These eggs in the picture are right from the boxes. Never been washed.

We LOVE having fresh eggs.  The taste is much better tasting.  And the best part is, we didn’t have to get them from the store, and we know what the chickens were fed 🙂