Ready for Spring!

We have been dumped on with snow for the past couple of weeks! So much that we are running out of places to put it all.  And our goats just wont stay in their pens anymore because they just hop right over the fences from the snow drifts.   We have never had this much snow that we can remember!  We are SO ready for spring to come.

I am antsy to get planting in my garden beds and finishing up the green house so that next fall and winter we can be planting and harvesting from it.

I am however very glad we have all this snow, because then we will have extra moisture in our soil when it begins to melt! Maybe I should start finding a way to collect all of the water as the snow melts 🙂


Brushing Angoras and such

Today I went out to check on the rabbits and decided to brush out the Angora Bunnies.  They are so snuggly and fun!  I have already gotten 3 gallon size bags full of fibers from them so that I can start learning to spin it into yarn and make some things out of it.  I have some things in mind of what I want make.

The Angora’s are much more work than the Colony of rabbits.  Just because they need brushed and given a little bit of a different diet so that they don’t get fur block, which is when they get too much fur in their body and stuck inside.  They need foods that will help break down the furs to help them pass it all.  THey also need a higher protein diet.  But all that aside they are the fun to have!



They are at the bottom of the picture….One is an English Angora the other is a German Angora.

I would say the German is much easier to keep combed and groomed.  The English Angora has much more knots more often than the German Angora.

When I make something out of the yarn Ill post pictures.

Low Temperatures and New Bunnies

We had some really cold temps this last week.  It got down to -24 one day.  But when 2 of our rabbits decided it was time to have some babies they were able to survive because of our set up.

Here is some pictures showing everything.

The first picture (top to bottom, left to right) is showing we have a tarp over the whole front side of the shed.

The second picture is the section of the shed we built for the colony of rabbits.

the next picture is another side view of the section.

the next picture is showing that we are using a heated chicken waterer for the colony so we aren’t getting freezing water.

the last picture is the wall where the 2 nests are locate (one in each corner) just burried underneath the straw.

We never had good luck with rabbits in cages so we are excited for the babies being able to live in colonies.

Also, another thing we have in the shed is a propane heater.  We use it to thaw out the metal water dishes for the 6 Rabbits we have in cages. We  have 6 bunnies in cages because 3 are too small to be int he colony and the other one is waiting til we build colony #2 and he will be our male in that colony.  Then, we have 2 really cute and friendly Angora Raabbit’s that I am starting to learn to spin their fibers into yarn 🙂



Cold and Snowy.

Weather like this gets us thinking about spring and what we are going to plant in the spring. We are planning out what will go in which garden bed, and when we need to start the different seed’s.

While spending some time inside by the fireplace and putting together a puzzle, my wife says that she wants a puzzle of our place. I went out side and took lots of pictures, I don’t think that I want to put together the sky.

Planning the Garden

We are getting ready to start planning what to put in our Garden this year!  We are planning to have our green house all finished so that we can use it through the winter next year.

We are so far planning to do some artichokes, carrots, beans, peas, lettuce, tomatoes, peppers, and trying out an herb garden.

We did artichokes this last year but instead of eating them we let them go to seed to see their beauty.  They were Gorgeous


This year we will plant  enough to eat them throughout the summer.

We plan on canning some beef stew using all the veggies from our garden.  Also this year our plan is to start eating what we grow and raise.   We would like to get to a point that we are not having to buy as much groceries, but to be able to live off what we raise and grow hear at the ranch.  It seems like we are getting closer to that goal.