Rabbit Colony gets new Watering system for winter.

We cleaned out the Rabbits area on Saturday and gave them a new watering system for winter.  This was before we added their new straw for bedding :).  I don’t know why but our rabbits like to chew on my shoes 🙂

So far


New Rabbits added to the Ranch.

We added some fun new rabbits to the farm a few weeks ago.  They are Angora rabbits that I am going to learn to spin their wool into yarn!.  They are so super soft and so fun!  The kids have LOVED playing with them. And I love to just snuggle them!


Processing our Chickens!

Back in October we processed 15 Chickens.  All the kids helped in their own way to get them all done.  We had trouble finding a cone to place the chicken in to cut the neck, after much thought. We came up with the plan to cut up a Traffic cone (that we had laying around).  We washed it up, and cut the top and bottom off and screwed it to a board.  It worked GREAT!  We tried to post a video and haven’t succeeded in doing so.  When we do we will post it here.

We then, put them in boiling water, then into the chicken plucker.  After that was finished, we finished off the processing and put them in bags and into the freezer.  We ended up making some Chicken and Dumplings one night for dinner and it was a hit!  The kids LOVED it! They keep asking when we will do that again.


Nothing tastes better than eating food that has been raised by you!  We even used carrots straight out of our garden for this meal.  It was all around DELICIOUS!