Ducklings and Fodder!

We went outside tonight to work on getting our Fodder System up and running and in the mean time discovered some Ducklings! YAY!

IMG_3616I have been doing some research on Fodder Systems and have been wanting to get it up and running! Finally today We got it put up and started.  We will see in 7 days how well the animals like it.


And I cant wait to update on the ducklings how and how fast they grow!


IMG_3617IMG_3624.jpgWe have a Hawk that has been watching the ducks pretty closely right over where the ducks are.  So, when we found the ducklings we decided it was time to put up a net. Here is a picture of us trying to get it set up 🙂




Green House

We are adding a green house to Rocket Road Ranch.  Its in the beginning stages but, when it is finished we will have a nice 72′ X 30′ Greenhouse to grow veggies in during the winter! YAY!

Here are some pictures to show our green house.  One is taken as it was being taken apart to bring to the ranch.  The others are showing our ground being prepared as we get ready to set it up.


Cant wait to start getting things planted in it!


Ducks going Broody!

IMG_3552We have 2 ducks that decided to start sitting on eggs.  We keep thinking any day now there will be some babies.  We haven’t seen any yet. But, it sure is fun watching them take care of their eggs in the nest.  They start to act out when you get near them at all.  The kids walk in their fenced area to change the water and they start ruffling their feathers and making noises at them and opening their beaks in an attempt to peck at us.  Its quite hilarious!

Oh how fun it is to learn the new things about animals as we build up Rocket Road Ranch!