Adding Goats to the Ranch

IMG_3588We added two Nigerian Dwarf goats to the ranch about 3 weeks ago.   They are due with some babies in the 2nd week of July.  We are excited to start having goats milk to make some goat cheese, goat milk yogurt, and other fun things!

So far goats are pretty easy to keep.  They eat the pasture really good and we have put some cattle panels together and move them around the pasture.

We have an extra goat too that seems to me that he likes the blue barells we put in with them. 🙂



Colony of Rabbits a success

About a month ago we decided to pull out rabbits out of the cages and put them in a colony.

IMG_3362We decided to put them in the colony in hopes that when they had babies we would have more success in keeping the babies alive.  So, after one month of trying out the colony we discovered babies this morning and their alive!


8 Cute little rabbit babies!  We are excited to watch them grown and start to get fur in the next couple of weeks.

So, after 9 litters of rabbits having babies that were dead when we found them. The colony has helped with that so far.  I have also found that the rabbits are not as skidish being in the colony.

We liked the colony so much we have built a new area for another group of rabbits for another colony.


Once we get a door built we will put the second set of rabbits into this area and see how they do.

So far, feeding them has been alot easier.  Just mowing some grass and pouring it in their area.  Then supplementing some grain once a week so they don’t get diarrhea.  Also, cleaning up their poop is only necessary as often as it was when they were in cages.