Egg-citing day at the Ranch



This morning I went outside to feed animals and found some duck eggs. YAY! I was told that I need to save enough to make some duck egg omelets.

Yay Spring is coming!




So for quite a while now Ive been meaning to post about another animal we added to the ranch!  DUCKS!  These guys are so fun to watch.  They walk all around the yard making all sorts of noises.  Especially in the night time.  Its like a big Party out there with the ducks!  They are growing really fast it seems like.  I can’t wait to see some duck eggs.  (hopefully) And we are really praying and hoping that we have one that decides to go broody and sit on some eggs so they hatch 🙂  And then….MORE DUCKS!

From what we can tell we are pretty sure we have 2 males and 3 females 🙂




So, after a few days we went out to check on the little piglets and we found 3! It was So exciting.  IMG_2939

They are so cute!  They have been doing great! They started walking around and getting pretty brave from leaving their moms side.

Well yesterday after ALMOST 2 weeks I went out and found 2 more dead!  I was devastated! I can’t even begin to understand what had happened.  I just don’t get why they are dying! Our rabbits, now most of our little piglets.

Farming is NOT the least bit what I expected.  Well, we will keep moving forward, with high hopes that we will start getting better luck 🙂