Babies Babies all around!

This past week we had Rabbit babies for the first time! Although we were excited to have our first rabbit babies we had no survivors. 😦  They were all dead when I went in the next morning and some looked to have been eaten halfway.. I am still trying to figure out if it was too windy and scared mom. Or if she just ate them because I went out to check on her and lifted the lid up to check!


Then, a few days later we got Piglets! It was really hard to see her step on some and squish some as she was getting up and laying down during labor.  I counted a total of 7 born (possibly more, we just left her alone and who knows how many there were born) When I went out this morning to feed her I only noticed 1! 😦 Farming isn’t as easy as it looks or says.  We have losses more than expected. But, I guess all in all we are learning as we go!

Hopefully one day we will have some success with baby animals 🙂