Pot Belly Pigs

We have now added Pot Belly Pigs to the Rocket Road Ranch!



Brutus and Big Mama


We got the pigs delivered last Saturday.  We had made there home out of straw and added a truck shell on top.  By the time we got home from being gone most the day, we found the straw in shambles!  Apparently pigs like to move bales of straw!

After fixing the straw bales so the pigs couldn’t move them as easy, we haven’t had a problem with them trying to take out a truck shell.

This week as we were leaving to attend a Christmas Party, my husband mentioned that I should take an empty bin and put it next to the garbage and ask that any scraps be put into the bin.  After the Party we went over to load it into the van.  The bin was so heavy we had to help eachother take it to the car.  The food lasted for two days! Free food for pigs!

More to come about pigs are our Journey begins!