Animal Shelters

Today we worked on some animal shelters so they can stay warm for winter.  First we recycled some pallets and made a place for our goats to get out of the weather.  We added an old truck shell on top to help keep the snow and rain off of them while they’re in the shelter.





My Son was certain that this was his new room!  He was sure that he was now sleeping with the goats :)….He spent some time in their today reading books to the goats and chickens 🙂


We also built a new area for my Angora rabbits.  They have been under a tree but not out of the weather.  So, we built them an area in with  the rabbit colonies.  I am really excited for this change.  It will be easier to keep the angora rabbits cleaner since their poop will just fall to the ground instead of right directly under their cages in trays.




My Angora rabbits are for me to learn to spin their fur into really soft yarn.  I went to a primitive skills gathering this past month with my husband and I learned more about spinning fibers into yarn.  That was really fun to learn.  So I am excited to get things together to be able to spin their fibers.

We also got the rabbit colonies places cleaned out and added new straw to them.  It is so nice having them cleaned up and new straw put in.



IMG_4193How do you make shelters for your animals?

What do you do to prepare your animals for colder weather?



Chicken Processing and Getting ready for winter.

We were able to get all of the chicken processing done!  We will post some videos of our steps of processing to our YouTube page ASAP.

We processed over 150 Chicken in 2 batches.  Needless to say our freezer is full!  We will be prepared with food for winter as it comes.

Its looking like its going to come soon.  We had snow show up low on the mountains near our home this past week.  We have seen lots of rain and cold temperatures.

We are getting ready to start getting some shelters built for animals.


What are some of the ways you get ready for winter?  What do your Shelters look like?

New chicken coop

A few months ago we added a second rabbit colony.  Now today we’re adding walls to connect to the rabbit shed to add a chicken coop.  This coop will be for our egg layers.  Then the 100 meat birds that come next week.  will go in where the layers are now.